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Latest News
  • 06-19-2001 - New Web Site
    spanky - Okay, this web format will work fine. Added project line count and sourceforge logo.
  • 06-06-2001 - New Web Site
    spanky - Working on new web site. Haven't yet decided on final format.
  • 06-06-2001 - New Console Driver Released
    spanky - Fixed a major crash bug and plugged in a new network library. Grab the new executable here!
  • 06-05-2001 - Latest CVS Changes
    spanky - Plugged in a new network library and fixed a major crash bug. Browse CVS source tree here!


NetLeech is an Internet leaching engine designed to hunt down specific types of files on the Internet. The modular design will allow leachers to comb numerous areas on the Internet (HTTP, NEWS, FTP, ...) for numerous types of files (MP3, JPG, ...)

The fine folks at SourceForge are contributing a great deal to the project by supplying source control, web space, ftp space, bug tracking, discussion forums, nude dancers, and a host of other things.

Feedback and Participation

Send comments, requests, feedback, rants to spanky

Thanks... enjoy NetLeech!


Task List
  • User Interface
  • News support
  • Status
  • Getting engine module to stable state
  • Working on console driver (Win32 FE)
  • Project Line Count
  • June 19, 2001
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  • netleech at sourceforge
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  • latest build
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